Viewed as the master planner of the entire horoscope family. The capricorn teaches us the power of long-terms goals and structure, thanks to it’s energy.


The humanitarian, but also the mad scientist of the horoscope wheel. The aquarius futuristic energy helps us unite for social justice and keep innovating ourselves.


Pisces energy lights compassion, artistry and imagination and is seen as the healer, but also the dreamer of the horoscope family. Pisces unites us as one.


Always shows the right way and is viewed as the pioneer of the horoscope wheel. Aries energy helps us to put ourselves out there and fight for what we believe in.


The horoscope family’s steady prodivder. Taurus energy helps us to get the job done, seek security, but also to enjoy the earthly pleasures.


The most vibrant, but also the most versatile sign. Gemini energy helps  us collaborate and communicate with others, but most importantly, fly our freak flags at full mast.


The horoscope wheel’s most natural nurturer. The cancer energy helps us to feather our family nests, plant deep roots and to really connect with our feelings.


The regal ruler and drama queen of the horoscope clan. Leo energy helps us to express ourselves in a more bold way, to wear our hearts on our sleeves and to shine brighter.


The masteful helper of the horoscope family. Virgo energy teaches us the importance of love for the family and the planet, to prioritize our wellbeing but also to serve and work hard.


Of all the signs, the libra is the balanced beautifier. Libra energy inspires us to seek harmony, cooperation and peace, and to always do so with style and grace.


The most focused and intense of the horoscope signs. Scorpio energy helps us to dive deep, form bonds that lasts and to merge our superpowers.


The worldly adventurer of the horoscope wheel. Sagittarius energy inspires us to chase the impossible, to take risks fearlessly and to dream real big.