SixtyDays is a Scandinavian fashion brand based upon creating merchandise with honesty, integrity and creativity to bring modern everyday fashion into timeless craftsmanship. Efty Kvist, founder and creative director of SixtyDays, established the brand 2012 in Helsingborg, Sweden with the vision to upper quality closing at justifiable prices, without compromising her believes of clothing being unique through details, thought and quality manufacturing.

“my design will attract your eye , but the details will make you love it”


Truthfulness, consciousness and high quality are three of SixtyDays fundamental building blocks, its clearly found within all aspects of SixtyDays supply chain, from the factories that are handpicked as manufacturers to fabrics that are carefully chosen to satisfy the customer. The collection are inspired by earthy colors, monuments and temples around the world and are later made with high attention to details and tailoring techniques, in order to stay true to SixtyDays philosophy. All colors and prints are unique to ensure a exclusive feeling. Her love for details you will be abel to find in her home as in her fashion. She loves animals and stand up for the rights of all animals and she is only using fake leather and fur . She has also a foundation for animals rights in SixtyDays charity in INDIA.